Construction & Quality Control

FEA analysis

RUEIZU simulation program

In order to present the best performance, we repeatedly test products regardless of cost. It starts with the simulation program - Rueizu wheel designs have to pass a lot of rigorous testing and inspection before going into production.

Only if successful, the model goes on to produce samples and undergo further testing in the in-house laboratory as well as an independent third-party testing laboratory.

  • <tc>Bending rotation tests</tc>

  • <tc>Roll test</tc>

  • <tc>Impact testing</tc>

  • <tc>Tensile strenght</tc>

  • CASS test

  • <tc>Leak test</tc>

<tc>QC Checking</tc>

From the raw material to production in the laboratory

All materials have been inspected regularly by random sampling according to the QM system. Sophisticated testing methods are also used during production. For example, all wheels are 100% balanced. For optimal preparation of subsequent coatings, the production have to process an automatic degreasing system. Furthermore, there are leak tests, concentricity tests and final inspections.

Apart from the models tested by TÜV tested models and ABE / Parts certificates, all our ranges are regularly sample tested for strength, corrosion etc. in our in-house laboratory (STVZO TÜV / JWL VIA)! Our quality is thus always guaranteed – only the best products pass!